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Product roadmap

Our roadmap is open to everyone

Countly team is committed to maximizing the usefulness of Countly platform, creating a complete, user-oriented and extendible application analytics framework for mobile devices, web applications, desktop applications and any other devices that can send events over internet.

This page is intended to provide a basic roadmap of where we are heading as we work on enhancements, fixes and improvements on major functional and architectural parts.

Have a feature in mind?

This list is by no means complete – your suggestions will help shape it. Click here to send your feature request so someone from Countly team can get in contact with you about your request.

Priority items

  • Geolocation-triggered push notifications (in progress)
  • Funnel ability to show drop-offs and filter by negatives (in progress)
  • More user interface themes (in progress)
  • mAPM - Mobile application performance management
  • Feature flags
  • A/B testing for mobile and web
  • Event retention
  • In-app notifications
  • Mobile heatmaps
  • UI and development guidelines
  • Better code documentation

Long-term items

  • Mobile database as a service
  • Feedback reporting
  • Microsoft Azure images
  • Better IoT analytics functionality

No plans

  • Windows Notification Services (send push notifications to Windows 8.1+ devices)

Completed items

  • Ability to show drop-offs in funnels (available since 18.01)
  • Better web heatmaps with scroll maps (available since v18.01)
  • Event-triggered push notifications (available since v18.01)
  • Notifications and alerting (available since v17.09)
  • Crash symbolication (available since v17.09)
  • Fine-grained user groups (available since v17.09)
  • Customizable dashboards (available since v17.05)
  • User flows (available since v17.05)
  • Countly Assistant for a more personalized user experience (available since v17.05)
  • Task manager (available since v17.05)
  • Rich & interactive push notifications (available since v17.05)
  • Desktop analytics (available since v16.12)
  • Search in menus and applications (available since v16.12)
  • Easy, point & click code generator
  • 1-click installation via Digital Ocean (complete, available here)
  • Web heatmaps (complete, available with Enterprise Edition)
  • Truncating excess data (available since v15.08)
  • Generating email reports (available since v15.08)
  • Web analytics (SDK is available from Github)
  • Bug/exception reporting (crash reports)
  • Attribution Analytics & referral tracking
  • iPad dashboard
  • User analytics
  • Aggregated dashboard (available since v15.02)
  • Pre-populating with demo data (available since v15.02)
  • Push notifications
  • Plugin support - adding features without modifying core source code
  • Exporting data
  • Countly Funnels
  • Countly Drill (Detailed segmentation)
  • Windows Phone support
  • Titanium Appcelerator support
  • Blackberry support
  • Android / iPhone apps

Product roadmap

Our roadmap is open to everyone

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