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Here you'll find comprehensive guides to help you start working with Countly as quickly as possible.

System requirements

Read here before you install Countly on your server

Operating system

  • Ubuntu v16.04 or higher (excluding 18.04)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.9 or higher
  • CentOS Linux v6.9 or higher

Countly doesn't work on Microsoft Windows or MacOS platforms.

64 bit support only

32-bit MongoDB processes are limited to about 2 GB of data. The reason for this is that the MongoDB storage engine uses memory-mapped files for performance. For this reason, MongoDB decided not to support 32 bit, so we also dropped 32-bit support for new installations, starting from version 16.02.


Countly requires at least 2 CPUs (the more the better) for a good user experience.


  • At least 2 GB of RAM for testing purposes
  • 4 GB of RAM for moderate traffic
  • 16-64 GB RAM or more for high traffic servers

Note that you may need different installation methods like sharding, to distribute traffic to several servers, for multi-billion API requests per month. Contact Countly team to discuss how to deploy Countly on a sharded environment.

Countly will not work on servers with 1GB of RAM.


Requirements for disk depends on the number of events and segmentations you send to your server.

  • At least 20GB of disk space for testing purposes or low-traffic servers
  • At least 100 GB of disk space for moderate traffic
  • 1 TB or more for high traffic servers (SSD recommended)

For a more detailed breakdown of system requirements, please contact us directly to get hardware recommendations for your specific usage scenario.