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Upgrading Countly server

Upgrading to the latest Countly Edition usually does not involve any complicated operations. However, you need to know from which version you are upgrading to.

Regular upgrade

If you are going to upgrade from a previous version (e.g 16.06 to 16.12), things are simple - just follow the path below. If there are more than two versions that you need to upgrade (e.g from 16.02 to 16.12), then please see Skipping versions when upgrading section below.

  1. Download Countly and extract contents over current Countly directory, overwriting all existing files

  2. Check if there is an upgrade folder for that specific version in bin/upgrade. If there is an script, then run it, just like the example below (replace 17.09 with your new version):

bash bin/upgrade/17.09/
  1. If there is no such directory and script inside that directory, then simply run:
#do upgrade files and restart countly
countly upgrade

Skipping versions when upgrading

If you are going to upgrade from a version that was released before last version (meaning, skipping version or more), then you will need to upgrade each version one by one as shown below.

For this, first you need to download latest release and extract it on your current Countly installation and then go to countly/bin/upgrade folder and execute all consecutive upgrade scripts.

Example: If you upgrade from 16.12 to 17.09, then you should do the following after extracting 17.09 package on top of 16.12:

bash bin/upgrade/17.05/
bash bin/upgrade/17.09/

Upgrading Countly server