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Here you'll find comprehensive guides to help you start working with Countly as quickly as possible.

Views and heatmaps

Collect, visualize and understand which parts of your application are viewed/used the most

Either those are webpages for your website or Activities of your Android app, or even any custom views that you can report manually, Countly can collect that data and help you understand how your users are using your app and which are most popular sections that users visit.

Main Page

On the main pages you are able to select multiple views and compare them by metrics like

  • Total Users who accessed this view
  • New Users who accessed this view for the first time
  • Total Visits of specific view
  • Average Time spent per visit on this view
  • Landings on this view, for users who started your application with this view or landed on your webpage
  • Exits, that is how many user exited your app or website from this view or webpage
  • Bounces, when user started and exited from the same view, without viewing other views

Click heatmaps

Click (or Action) heatmaps allows you to see where your users usually click on your website. This is available for web analytics only, and should be enabled from web SDK accordingly. You can view a heatmap (whether it is click or scroll) from Analytics > Page Views and clicking on Action Map link on the table for the corresponding page.

In click heatmaps, you can switch among different resolutions to see visitor behaviour in various devices.

Note that browsers do not allow loading HTTP iframe content on HTTPS websites. For this reason, if you are using HTTPS on your Countly instance, you will only be able to view HTTPS content and no HTTP page content will be visible.

Scroll heatmaps

Scroll heatmaps will give you a clear overview how far users scroll to in your page, giving you actionable data to position important content according to the average fold or point out whether users are actually missing parts of pages that they shouldn't.

Just like in click heatmaps, you can also segment your users by their device, e.g desktop, tablet or mobile.

Views per session (view frequency)

View plugin also provide an overview how many views have user visited per his session, which is divided into buckets. Views per session information can be viewed under Engagement.

Last View segment

This plugin also stores user's last accessed view or web page, so you can see it in user profile and segment users by it. And it is also available in Drill segmentation, allowing you to understand which event or even crash happened on which view.