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Here you'll find comprehensive guides to help you start working with Countly as quickly as possible.

Getting started

How to get up and running with Countly

Here are the basics of your setup. Enjoy !

First, identify which Countly version to use.

Make sure that you know differences between Community and Enterprise Edition.

Then, read our Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most asked questions coming from our customers. Head over to General FAQ, Installation FAQ, Licencing FAQ, Technical FAQ as well as feature-specific FAQs like User Profiles FAQ, Crash Reporting FAQ, Attribution Analytics FAQ and Push Notifications FAQ.

Also don't forget to subscribe to Countly newsletter.

Learn how to integrate your SDK

Finally, be an expert in Countly features

Lean back and start reading our friendly documents explaining powerful features:

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Getting started

How to get up and running with Countly

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